Review: The Reading Promise ~ Alice Ozma

Do you remember those special adults in your life that read out loud to you when you were a child?  It may have been a parent, a teacher, a grandparent, or that babysitter who never let you watch television, but always came with a tote bag full of great picture books.  Do you have a little one in your life to whom you read?  Do you realize the impact that reading out loud has on a child’s life?  In The Reading Promise, Alice Ozma shows her readers just how big an impact reading did have on her childhood and her relationship with her father.

Research has shown that many children begin to loose their interest in books around the forth grade.  This also happens to be the time when many parents stop reading out loud to their children.  Perhaps, as a librarian in a public school, Alice’s father recognized this. At any rate, when his own daughter hit nine years old, he feared the words: “Daddy, I’m too big for bedtime stories.” So he made a pact with his daughter to read together every day for 100 straight days.  Soon, 100 days became 1000, and 1000 became nine straight years until the day that he dropped his little girl off at college (to study Literature, no less).  Not one day of reading was missed!

Their reading was a rich and fun time to share together, but it was also an important vehicle through which this father could comfort and encourage his daughter through her mother walking out, the death of grandparents, and the ups and downs of adolescence and teenage years.  In fact, Alice’s father was often able to choose books in which the characters faced similar situations to their own or exhibited characteristics, like strong female leadership, that he wished to instill in his daughter….

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