What to Read? What to Read?

I must start out with an apology: I promised, quite a few weeks ago, to post what we have been reading and have procrastinated for so long that I have two new novels to add to it! I apologize to those of you who have been waiting on pins and needles 😉

Before I post the list, however, I want to talk about reading lists in general.  Within the different homeschooling groups to which I belong (mostly online) there often arises the question: Does anyone know of any good reading lists?  It is a valid question, and reading lists are great, but sometimes they can be overwhelming to look at and underwhelming to read through.  One such book for me that is on so many MUST READ Children’s Lit. lists is Good Night Moon. Maybe it is a favorite of you too, but I must admit that I do not enjoy it or own it myself. I don’t want to say “good night” to everything in the room before going to sleep.  I want my head to be filled with great stories to dream about all night long! But, hey, that’s me!

What ever lists you look at, and whatever books you choose, don’t feel that your tastes have to match up with the general population’s in order for you to be a seasoned reader.  Enjoy what you enjoy, read a variety (especially to your children who are still developing their own tastes), and suggest what you love to others.

My personal favorites, as far as children’s reading lists go, are actually the lists of books that are used in our writing curriculum: Writing With Ease published by Peace Hill Press.  Passages from each book are used throughout the curriculum, so it is easy to see which books our kiddos will be most interested in and it contains books from many different subject matters and time periods.

For picture books, I like to look up the free lapbook projects available at http://www.homeschoolshare.com.  Many of them go along with great books that my kids have really cherished, and the lap booking along with it really encourages that love of learning and relating what you have read to different areas and facts of life (we did a great study on spiders along side the book Sophie’s Masterpiece). This site also includes some chapter books.

A list that I have recently come across (thanks to one of those homeschoolers who asked for a list and got a few replies) is a website: http://www.abookintime.com which compiles lists of books chronologically (by subject matter, it seems).  This is still a new one for me that I hope to explore a great deal in the upcoming year.

So, here it is.  The list of books that I have read out loud to my children over the last six months or so.  Many of the books were ones that were borrowed from friends who had enjoyed them themselves, others were just what we had around the house that happened to look good at the time (I buy quite a bit from library sales and, thus, do have many just “around”).  I didn’t list all of the misc. picture books, many of which were read over and over, but you will get a good idea of what we like, as well as what children really will listen to despite the number of pages and lack of pictures – don’t underestimate young children! Their attention spans are trainable for better or for worse!

Pilgrim Progress (Abeka’s adapted version) John Bunyan
Cheaper By the Dozen Gilbreth
Helen’s Temper (Lamp Lighter) Gladstone
Shaoey & Dot Chapman
God Loves You Very Much Veggie Tales
Learn About Strangers Berenstein
The Little Woodsman & His Dog Ceasar (Lamp Lighter) Mary Sherwood
Jessica’s 1st Prayer (Lamp Lighter) Hesba Stretton
Saved by Love (Lamp Lighter) Emma Leslie
Teddy’s Button (Lamp Lighter) LeFeuvre
Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose Dr Seuss
There’s a Wocket in my Pocket Dr Seuss
Oh Say Can You Say Dr Seuss
How Do I Love You? Bauer
Baby Beluga Raffi
Bear Loves Visitors Tricia Boczkowski
Dear God, Will You Always Rescue Me? Anne Fitzgerald
Just So Stories

Robin Hood

Pippi Long Stocking

Rudyard Kiplin

Howard Pyle

Astrid Lindgren

So, that was the majority of our read aloud time for the last 6 months.  I can’t say there was anything that we DIDN’T enjoy (although Cheaper By the Dozen did require some on-the-spot editing for my kiddos, age 8 and under), and many of them did prompt some great discussions (serious and silly).

What ever you choose to read together, have fun with it and let me know some of your favorites!!



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3 responses to “What to Read? What to Read?

  1. It’s ironic that you posted this and I am reading this just after our return from the used book store in Medina. We bought a study guide to go with The Hobbit, the boys and I are reading this for the summer. One son is sitting and reading his Jason Bourne novel and I have a few others I want to get to. I love books but mainly reference books more than novels.
    I’ve been known to read packaging when bored, how about you?

  2. O…. That is such a hard question for me! I am so eclectic! I love the classics, but I enjoy much of the new Christian fiction like Francine Rivers & Joel Rosenberg. I am not usually much for science fiction, although I love the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini (4th & end book coming out this fall!!!). I read a lot of parenting, marriage, health & christian living books. I seem to swing from cycles of non-fiction to all fiction and can tell when I need to switch. This year I began reviewing books for luxuryreading.com & am finding that many of the books I am leaning to there are memoir types. I should make another list of everything I have read this year. Again, totally all over the map!

  3. Great blog!! Thanks for the reviews. I’m always looking for a good book!

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