Review: 22 Britannia Road ~ Amanda Hodgkinson

Often, when we think of WWII, we think about the Holocaust and the Jewish people who suffered unspeakably at the hands of the Nazis.  However, the suffering did not stop there.  22 Britannia Road is a fictional novel that seeks to explore the suffering and recovery of a polish family who had been separated for six years during the war and later reunited in England.

Hodgkinson shuffles together the family’s present with clips of their past as they became a family, and as they suffered through the war separately: the father joining the British troops and the mother and son left behind in Poland.  Each time she shuffles in a part of their past, it helps to shed light on why they may react to their present as they do.  All the father wants is to live a perfectly normal British life in such a way as to make his own father proud.  The mother longs to give her son a normal family with a father to love and be loved by.  The son, on the other hand, has grown up since toddler hood in the horrors of war.  Surviving those horrors is his normal….

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