Blog Slackin’!

I have definitely been a blog slacker these last few months! You would think that I have not been reading anything worth reporting, or that my shelves have been gathering dust, but nothing could be farther from the truth!

In December alone, I think I turned in about 10 reviews to , but failed to repost them here – so far, anyway (don’t be surprised if I post a million at once!).  In addition, I have read a handful of books that I couldn’t resist picking up at my FAV store (B&N). I have also added to my shelves something that I never thought I would give in to.  Something that I have rolled my eyes at in the past.  Something that still does not diminish my desire to flip through paper pages, take in the new-book smell I love so much (though the leather cover I have for it does help a little bit), or see the record of my time spent, stories loved, & info gleaned lined up neatly on my shelves.  Yes, I got an eReader – a Nookcolor to be exact.

This summer, as stated in my 1st post, we were forced out of our home for lead paint removal.  This meant packing up EVERYTHING, which gave me the opportunity to re-organize my book collection when we moved back.  My “hunky-carpenter-Paul” (a phrase stolen from HGTV’s Divine Design girl Candice Olson, but with which I refer lovingly to my hubby) spent the little free (as in: not getting paid) time he had this summer by building me floor to ceiling book shelves in our dinning room/library/school room. Along with its 13 foot long window seat/ bench with built-in storage, this is my favorite room in the house! It is so comforting for me to look around and be surrounded by books that have blessed my life, as well as books I yet look forward to reading.  However, even with all of those shelves… well, let’s just say that, as I was arranging all my beloved books on my newly built shelves, the words my hubby feared the most were: “Uh, Babe, I hate to say it, but… I think I need another shelf!”  Thus the Nook! It was my 10 year anniversary present from my darling hubby who, as much as he adores me, was tired of building me book shelves! lol

So far, I have used my Nook to download a bunch of free books for kids (including nearly every color fairy book ~ fairytale books recommended by Andrew Pudewa at a homeschool conference I attended), a free Bible with a Strong’s Dictionary & Matthew Henry Commentary (which I really do enjoy & can still highlight & write/type notes in), as well as some free books on Serbian culture, folk stories and history.  Did you notice the common trait: Free! I have bought nothing so far.  This may be my favorite aspect of my Nook.  I will never run out of something to read and I can take many books with me at once, wherever I go.

So has the Nook saved my hubby from his wife bringing home full bags from B&N? Ha! Sorry, Darling, our marriage will be full of , “Uh, Babe, I hate to say it, but… I think I need another shelf!”  And my hunky-carpenter-Paul will love me for it all the more (he says, “My Dear, I married you, Books & All!” heeheehee).

Other hard-copy books that I have recently acquired/read and hope to blog about are: both of the Duggar Family’s books (I could kick myself for missing going to see them when they were book signing at my B&N! Somehow, having 5 of my own got me a bit distracted!), a Ted Dekker book that I have had for years & finally read, and the 4th book in the Inheritance Cycle by homeschooled author Christopher Paolini (I want to re-read the 1st 3 before I enjoy the forth – it’s been way too long! These are the only sci-fi books, other than the Narnia Chronicles, that I have enjoyed so far.  I haven’t even been able to get past chapter 1 of the Hobbit! I need to try that one again & hope I have matured enough in the last 5 years to push through the detail – arg!).

In the mean time, look forward to my reposting some of my Luxury Reading reviews, or click the link above, search my name on the site & enjoy reading through them today!

If you have any book suggestions, or want to try to sway me to sci-fi, leave some titles in the comments! Happy Reading!

P.S. Paul says he has recovered enough to build YOU some shelves. lol


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