Occasionally, my sister and I will meet up for a much needed coffee break at Barnes and Noble’s where we sit within the rows of books, coffee in hand, and discuss the ups and downs of the last few weeks. I am amazed by the refreshment I get from the mere sight of floor to ceiling books. My sister and I can both be caught picking up a book and flipping quickly through it just to catch the scent of fresh pages.

My love of books began at a young age as I would hide in my room and escape to a Little House on the Prairie or to Where the Sidewalk Ends. It grew in junior high with a Tell Tale Heart  and Ten Little Indians, and in high school with Ethan Fromme and the Count of Monte Cristo. In college, I could find nothing I loved more than a quiet corner and a great novel penned in the midst of turmoil in a far away, war or poverty stricken country.

As I sit at my keyboard now, I am surrounded by books full of marriage and parenting advice, home school curriculum suggestions, educational theories, and Real Food recipes.  My books are still places for me to escape to, but also places to gain better tools with which to bless my family upon my return.

I am now a wife (married 10 years this fall), stay at home, homeschooling mother of five (ages 8m-8yrs), with two boxers, two cats, a soft shelled turtle named after Bob the Builder, and 7 frogs (admittedly a homeschooling project gone froggy).

My home is my library! I collect books. I collect them for myself. I collect them for my kids. I love books! Through this blog, I hope to share that love with others, to hear about the great books that you are reading, and to give you just a glimpse of what’s on my shelves! Enjoy!


2 responses to “About

  1. Holly

    I hope that you share with us often… as you are blessed with the knowledge from each book God has led you to read. You are an eloquent writer and I am looking forward to your new blog.

  2. Jennifer S. von Ratibor

    I second that! 🙂

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